Nothing Wrong With Being A ‘Birther’

All we want is to see Obama’s REAL proof that he is a U.S. citizen. He has never released his REAL birth certificate. The short form ‘certificate of live birth’ can be obtained by anyone who wants to announce the birth if their child, regardless of where the child was actually born. Also, statements have been made that the Hawaii hospitals do not release the actual birth certificates. This has been proven to be a lie as several people, who were born in Hawaii around the same time as Obama’s supposed Hawaii birth, have been able to get copies of their actual birth certificates with no problem. The short form that Obama released could not even be used to get a person a U.S. Visa or a valid driver’s license. To say that a copy of his REAL birth certificate cannot be released is laughable. Also, Obama will not allow the release of ANY of his records. Not his school transcripts, not his student loans, not any records of any of his court cases as an attorney, not his records as an Illinois State Senator nor his VISAs. Anyone who still believes that he is not trying to hide something is either an idiot, in denial or just doesn’t want the REAL TRUTH to be revealed.

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